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Posing by the Sea

Our Services

Basically, our services will involve us going out to services of clients’ needs. The full-service offering is not limited to the following:

Elite Hangover remedy

"I'm hungover"

$130; 45-60 minutes

Headache Relief, Nausea Relief, Increased Energy, Mental Clarity, Hydration

Suffering both physically and mentally ?


This treatment is for you! Flush toxins from overindulging with a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, anti-inflammatory pain medicine, and anti nausea . Feel better faster, recover from your dehydration, headache and nausea.


1 liter of saline + extra electrolytes  + headache, nausea,

and upset stomach medicine.

Elite Immunity & Recovery

"I want to boost my overall health"

$ 150; 45-60 minutes

Good for before surgery and after, pre and post travel, allergies, flu season. Immune booster to ensure your immune system you have a luxury immune system that has extra protection and strength. This special formula is designed is to help you recover from feeling under the weather or recover from a workout. Our Immunity and Recovery drip is packed with antioxidants to boost your immune system, restore energy levels and get you back on your feet in no time.


1 liter of fluid, BI2 ,Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), *high dose of vitamin c available* and more 

Elite Energy and Strength 

“I just need an energy boost and some fluids”

$150 ; 45-60 minutes

Refresh your body with the essential vitamins

and electrolytes needed for energy, cell function

& mental alertness.


Vitamin C, B-Complex, and more 

Elite Athlete

"I want to enhance my athletic performance"

$155; 45-60 minutes

Created for athletes to speed up recovery, increase stamina & endurance, eliminates fatigue, so you are ready for your next work out/competition.


B-Complex, Mineral Blend, and more 

Elite Beauty & Glow

“I want my skin to glow so that I can look and feel younger”

$130; 45-60 minutes

Dry skin, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and any other signs of premature aging can be improved if you stay hydrated. Elite Hydration wants to ensure sure you stay hydrated for healthy looking skin.


B-Complex and Biotin and more 

Elite Mommy and Me

“ughh morning sickness”

$120; 60 minutes

If you're experiencing Morning Sickness during your pregnancy, this therapy we hope to put an ease on your pregnancy. (for pregnant guests only, we will require a order from your physician)


Up to 2 liters of hydrating fluids, Zofran

Elite “Myers Cocktail”

"I want to boost my overall health"

$130; 45-60 minutes

The Myers' Cocktail is popular for enhancing overall health, sports performance and

energy. It has been shown to aid conditions such as migraines, depression, GI

disorders, asthma, allergies and fibromyalgia.


1 liter of fluid + B complex + B5 + B6 + Calcium , more

Recommendation: Add Glutathione & extra Vitamin C

Elite “Her”

“My cycle is on and I am cramping”


$130; 45-60 minutes

Minimize bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort, migraines, and

lower back pain


B-Complex, Magnesium, and more

Elite Weight Loss

“I have hit a wall and I need a boost to help

me get past this wall”

$155; 45-60 minutes

Promotes cell metabolism, burn calories, and breakdowns fat cells.


B-Complex, Amino Blend, Magnesium, & more

Elite Covid Recovery

“I feel like I cannot kick these covid effects,

it has been months and I still feel

the same”

$145; 60 minutes

Covid Immunity IV Drip i solution to alleviate any COVID-19 symptoms you’re facing while also bolstering your immune system and providing much-needed hydration to your entire body. This drip includes the following vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system and relieve COVID-19 symptoms.


Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, and more

Elite Just Hydrate

“I have not been hydrating as much as I should and I feel it”

$110; 30-60 minutes

Refresh your body with the essential electrolytes needed for energy, cell function & mental alertness.

(There are no added vitamins in this infusion)


This infusion is made up of water, sodium, and chloride that imitates your body's natural balance better than any sports drink or enhanced water.

Elite B12 & B-Complex

5-15 minutes for each

Elite B12 $20—energy boost 

B-complex: $35

B12: Increases energy, decreases fatigue/weakness, and promotes healthy blood and nerve cells.


B- complex: Provides immunity, depression/anxiety/stress relief, promotes brain function, energy booster & mental clarity.



methylcobalamin; recommendations: maintenance 1x/week (package deal available)

B-complex: Contains: B1, B2, B3,B5

Elite Immune Booster $45

A powerful antioxidant that plays a major role in detoxifying the liver, muscle recovery, skin brightening, increasing energy, decreasing muscle damage.

Recommendation: 2x/week for 4-6 weeks and then 1x/week for maintenance.

Elite Immune Booster $65

Assists with inflammation, energy, healing,  and immune response.


Zinc, Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid

We recommend 1x a week for maintenance; 2-3 maintenance 2-3/ week during flu and cold season.

Elite Skinny $30

burn Stubborn Fat—use weekly for 4- 6 weeks in aide with dieting and eating right. Helps to burn stubborn fat by turning fat into energy and working as antioxidants. Also helps with recovery and muscle soreness after a workout.


LIPOJECT Injection (methionine, inositol, Choline) We recommend every 3 days for 6-8 weeks in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. Maintenance 1x/week. (Package deal available)

Vitamin D Injections $45 


Contains: D3 (cholecalciferol)

  • Encourages the development of bones

  • Contributes to strong bones and prevents bone loss

  • Alleviates bone pain, muscle aches, and symptoms of inflammation

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Enhances mood and reduces anxiety

  • Reduces the risks of heart disease, obesity, and cognitive decline

Biotin: $30

Strengthens hair and nails, promotes healthy skin

Contains: Biotin

****Sulfa allergy? We will substitute glutathione for extra B and C vitamins.***


**   Add ones: toradol: $20 , Zofran: $18, Dexamethasone: $20.

*if you would like for us to come to you add it in the note when you book and please include your zip code. Traveling fee is starting at $ 40.00.

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